How to choose the best case and screen protector for your phone?

How to protect your phone from scratches and drops

When it comes to protecting the our devices, some of us choose extreme protection, such as a screen protector along with a rugged case or even fireproof, sandproof and freezeproof case.

Some will choose only a slim case with or without a screen protector, or no case at all. For sure we would all love to use our smartphones as they are, with no case or screen protector, but it only takes a good drop and you have to dig deep into your pockets for screen replacements or even a new device.

With so many options on the market, choosing the right protection for your device, can be time consuming and confusing.

The first step in choosing the best protection for your phone is to decide in what environment are you using your device the most.


If you’re spending the day in your office, with moderate outdoor activities, then you are probably looking at a gel case along with a screen protector. Gel or silicone cases are usually slim, without adding unnecessary bulk to your phone. They offer good protection against scratches and light drops. The best way to enhance your phone’s protection while using a slim gel case is to add a case compatible screen protector that goes hand-in-hand with the case.

But what if I’m a biker or hiker?
Well, if you’re outdoors most of the time, you should consider at least a hybrid case to protect your device. Hybrid cases are usually made of two parts, a silicone or gel part and a polyurethane part that clips onto your phone. Don’t forget to choose a case friendly screen protector along with this case, and your device will be thoroughly protected.

I’m a firefighter, what case should I use?
As mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are plenty of options on the market, and even if you’re a firefighter you will find a case to protect your smartphone in the most extreme conditions. We don’t recommend using your device while you put out a fire, but is good to know that there are cases that are waterproof, dropproof, dirtproof and even snowproof, such as the Lifeproof FRE cases.

Screen protectors

What is the best screen protector?
The one that fits you best! When you choose a protection solution for your smartphone’s display, you should set a budget and consider if you will be using a case or not.

Screen protectors have a price range from £0.99 to even £49.99. And of course, most of the times the price will tell whether the glass protector is of quality or not. But don’t go too far with your budget, as in most cases a £4.99 screen protector will be as good as a £19.99 one.

Case compatible screen protectors
If you think you’re using your device with a case that has a lip covering the edge of the screen, consider buying a case friendly screen protector. Usually this type are cheaper, but you will have the disadvantage of seeing the actual margin of the screen protector.

Full cover screen protectors
This is the pro league of screen protectors. Covering right up to the rounded edge of the display, the full cover glass protector will help you feel that your screen is safer. The only downside is that these screen protectors only work with slimmer cases, like the Rigid Gear Fitted Case for iPhone XS.

This concludes our blog post on helping you to choose the best protection for your device. We hope it has been useful and hope it helped you choosing your perfect case and screen protector.

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